‘Sweet Repeats’ Alleviates Graduation Dress Worries

Jun 14, 2024

Jade seen in one of Sweet Repeats dresses

With Grad 2024 just around the corner, we at Mountain Park Resort are excited to support Creston high school grads with our “Sweet Repeats” program.

As the cost of living keeps rising, we wanted to find a way to help ease the burden on local families. So, we created a relaxed, comfortable space where grads can find the perfect dress without added stress.

We started Sweet Repeats by accepting donations of pre-owned dresses, many of which are in like-new condition. Right now, we have 75 dresses in various sizes, styles, and colors. We also have a few suits, though we’re hoping more will be donated soon.

We’re gifting all the dresses and suits to grads free of charge. Right now, our biggest need is financial donations to cover the cost of professionally dry cleaning each garment. Repurposing is becoming more popular, and our program aims to make a difference.

If a dress needs alterations and the student can’t cover the cost, we have a few seamstresses who have generously offered their services.

If you’re a 2024 grad still in need of a dress or suit, come visit us at Mountain Park Resort!

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