New Owners of Mountain Park Resort

Oct 17, 2022

Hey y’all!  4 months into our first foray into being campground owners at MPR!  We have had an incredible start, and the first summer with endless learning, meeting new people, having incredible staff, and enjoying being BC residents.  It is hard to find words adequate, but we are LIVIN THE DREAM!

We have had karaoke on the long weekends, the 1st annual Hanging Sack Retreat, made many great friends, and are looking forward to the first concert we have booked for next year with an amazingly talented Tragically Hip cover band called The Hip Replacements!

Upgrades and renos are planned for this winter in the store, and we believe locals and campers will be pleasantly surprised.

Our store stock has expanded to carry Three Bird Nest, Dynamo jewellery, Rachel Lancaster hoodies, local Sasquatch coffee, candles, Plantable Greetings, Blind Date with a book, Sunshine Soaps, Tiber River, and some pretty unique stylish clothing from Dylan’s.

We hosted a Thanksgiving potluck feast for our seasonal camp community, and the overnight campers that were here!  It was a ton of delicious fun!  Todd also had a big bash for his 50th with a taco bar, games, and fellowship, and an amazing Dodge Viper cake baked by our local Golden Flour Bakery!

Don’t forget to reach out if you are looking for a place to host a special event, or you’d like to perform on our stage!

We want to thank everyone that has contributed to our successful few months, and look forward to many more.

Cheers, Todd, Dani, Tyler, Jade, and Myrna & Leo