Embracing Change and Community: A Year of Growth, Remembrance, and Excitement at Our Campground

Mar 11, 2024

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone is having the best winter season…it has been great here, except for the lack of moisture.

Unfortunately, fire bans may be in place this summer season. We have had a lot of changes over the past year, the biggest being the loss of my dad, “Lost Ball Leo” Leo Lalonde, this past August. He was a big part of the campground and our lives…

On a happier note, we have built a new changing room in the store, and it’s a fabulous little space! Todd is so talented, and he is using the natural environment to augment the interior!

The store is also starting to get many unique pieces to add to your boho clothing selection.

Our website has a new reservation system with an excellent interactive map, and we redid the retaining wall at the sani-dump.

One of the most significant changes in taking over the campground has been family time. The best part is that we are closer than ever and enjoy every minute together. It is hard to escape, but we seem to have juggled and found a rhythm that suits us all.

We always look forward to the upcoming camping season and hosting folks in our backyard. This year, Dani will spend more time learning the ins and outs of the campground than just the store.

We anticipate a fabulous summer with many activities for the kiddies, karaoke nights, and hopefully a band or two! One of the projects on the go is refurbishing bikes of all sizes and making them available for free to our campers!

We also implemented a free lending library and carry books for every age if you’d enjoy a good read while kicking back! We will also be looking for a few youths to join our seasonal staff this year. It is a fulfilling and fun job!